Golf Culture

Golf culture is based on golf, and has been accumulated in 500 years of practice and development. From the origin of golf, legends, to the deeds of golf celebrities; from the evolution of golf equipment to the development of golf events; from golf professionals to society lovers of all levels of celebrity; from the unwritten etiquette of golf to the comprehensive written rules of the golf course, all of these constitute the content of golf culture.

Uncover the three veil

The first layer: the material culture of golf. Golf culture is not a tree without roots or water without a source. It is expressed through tangible materials and carriers that directly serve golf enthusiasts, including golf, golf courses, clubs, and balls. Golf equipment and golf apparel, supplies, etc. Golf culture is deeply embedded in all these figures, and is the value that is recognized and upheld by the golf enthusiast group. People’s consumption of golf products is the most direct external manifestation of golf culture. Material culture is the foundation for the survival and development of the golf industry.

The second layer: the rule culture of golf. The written or unwritten rules of golf reflect the sum of the overall values, ethics and codes of conduct of golf. The rules of golf set a reasonable code of conduct and become the basic code of conduct that affects every participant, And subtly influence and restrict people’s behavior. Golf rules regulate the order of the course with a unique language, and create a fair environment with equal effects for all participants with equality and compatibility.

Golf can be accepted by people with different cultural backgrounds in different regions.The core is the fairness, justice, openness and other equality consciousness contained in the golf rules. For anyone who learns to play golf, if he does not understand the rules of golf, he cannot understand the essence of golf.

The third layer: the spiritual culture of golf. The golf spirit of “etiquette, self-discipline, integrity, fairness, and friendship” is the value criterion and code of conduct for golf participants, and is the most essential thing of golf culture. The golf spirit has given new golf sports. Connotation, and stimulated people’s desire to participate and the feeling of their own experience. People are always enthusiastically involved in the sensory and emotional experience of golf. The reason why golf has become a noble sport is that every golfer is in In the course of competition, or in the golf club, you attach great importance to your words and deeds, and make it conform to the dress etiquette, competitive etiquette, and club etiquette of the golf course. No matter how high your skills are, it is difficult to integrate into golf if you do not observe etiquette. In a circle, you can’t enjoy the dignity and elegance of golf. Golf is a sport without referees. Players must handle each shot honestly on the court. Players are required to exercise self-discipline in thought and behavior, and restrain their behavior in the course of competition.


Post time: Dec-28-2022