The Curve Ball Is Stable Like This

The perfect course of golf is by no means a straight shot. For a 90 break, you must learn to play some curve balls. Slightly squiggles or squiggles can actually give you more room for error. Learn to play a steady curve ball, the target you face will double, so you can hit more fairways, and then you can hit more greens.

Numbers can speak and make a swing that can hit the fairway

In order to break 90, you must avoid high scores caused by missed kicks. However, the best way to hit more fairways is not to hit the ball straight, but to turn the ball steadily in one direction. In this way, you can completely exclude one side of the court.

You can count it. Assuming that the normal lane width is 32 yards, aiming at the straight ball in the center, there is only 16 yards of error space on each side.

But if you are a stable squeegee, you can aim to the left side of the fairway and use the 32-yard wide fairway completely.

Slight left curve: low closing rod, face closed

If all you want is more distance, then the squeegee is what you should learn. In order to determine whether a small squeeze is suitable for you, please pay attention to the condition of your hands and the face of the club when you send the club. If your hands are low and your right forearm naturally turns above your left forearm, and the clubface is in the middle of the cover (to the left), you can play a small squeeze. Regardless of how you do it, avoid trying to play a squeeze when you use a long shot, but change it to a squeeze when you play a short shot. Only after your ball path is stabilized can your ball skills be stabilized.

Slight right curve: high closing rod, open face

If you are no longer short of distance, but need accuracy, then you have to learn to play a small curve. When hitting a small right ball, you must focus on a higher draw and avoid turning your hands over at the beginning of the shot. In order to avoid the left cover of the face, both arms should be kept stable, and the right arm should be kept under the left arm for as long as possible. Remember, when your swing cannot be fixed, it is difficult to have a reliable flying route. Even Tour players usually play differently.

Set to play small right and small left songs

In order to make a skew, you need a weak grip, an open stance, a forward swing, and a right half height. As for the minuscule, it’s quite the opposite.

Some people are born to play skew

Adaptability constructs stability. Don’t force yourself to be uncomfortable. For example, if you are in a weak state when your hands are naturally drooping, then you will be a happy little rightist.

Slight curl is more obedient

As the saying goes: “You can’t communicate with the squeeze, but the squeeze will be obedient”, and this is also the truth. Scratch hits farther, but also rolls more. The small squeeze ball lands softly and is therefore more accurate.


Post time: Dec-28-2022